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Published on 26/05/2014

Training and development


The EURL provides scientific and technical assistance to all the NRLs

  • Organisation of training session on request (in Nancy or in the NRL), with transfer of techniques,
  • Organisation of workshops with interested NRLs on specific topics,
  • Establishment of procedures and guidelines,
  • Providing on-going remote technical assistance (phone meetings, e-mails, biological material supplied on request, etc.).



Techniques that could be validated and/or standardised within Member States:


Methods used for rabies diagnosis: Fluorescent Antibody Test (FAT), Rabies Tissue Culture Infection Test (RTCIT), Mouse Inoculation Test (MIT), Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) Method for determining the viral titre of the vaccine in the bait                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  

Method for detecting tetracycline (or other          biomarker) in the teeth or bones of target           species killed in vaccinated areas

Method for determining the age of animals         tested for biomarker determination 

Methods for evaluating the stability of baits prior to use in the field
Method used for fox serology (ELISA) of orally vaccinated animals

Method for determining the potency of              inactivated vaccines


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