Published on 28/11/2017

EURL Activities

Our main technical and scientific competences

  • Diagnosis & Surveillance, Reference, Research


    Bacteriological & Molecular methods for the diagnosis of brucellosis:

    • Culture of Brucella;
    • Isolation of Brucella in blood, milk, vaginal swabs, solid tissues... ;
    • Necropsy of mouse and animal fetal material;
    • Identification and typing of Brucella cultures (phenotypic methods)
    • Maintenance of Brucella cultures
    • Molecular biology methods: Real Time PCR, Bruce-ladder multiplex PCR and Bruce-ladder suis, HRM PCR, MLVA…
    • Genomic analyses of Brucella sequences : sequencing, phylogenetic analyses, interpretation


    Serological methods for the diagnosis of brucellosis:

    • Rose Bengal Test,
    • Complement Fixation Test,
    • Sero-Agglutination Test, ELISA,
    • Control of antigens and ELISA kits,
    • Control of Brucellin.


    Reference expertise for the diagnosis of brucellosis:

    • Training of staff approved for working in BSL3 facilities.
    • Inter-Laboratory Proficiency Ring Trial: samples preparation, shipment of panels, data analysis (130 participants: French, EU and International), interpretation of results, follow-up procedures
    • Production of biological standard reagents : phages, monospecific sera, polyclonal sera
    • Control of vaccines and diagnostic biologicals: In-Vivo and In-Vitro control of vaccines (Rev.1, S19).


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